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Tami Priestley, CMHCA

Tami Priestley, CMHCA

Tami Priestley, CMHCA, Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Life Coach Tami practices with a Person Centered approach and...

Bonnie Grieff, R.N.

Bonnie Grieff, R.N.

Bonnie Grieff, R.N. and L.I.F.E., Biofeedback Technician The L.I.F.E. system provides accurate assessment and normalizes bio-energetic imbalances...

Cristine Price, CMHC

Cristine Price, CMHC

Cristine Price, CMHC, Integrative Mental Health Counselor Cristine has found that the most effective solutions to healing mental health conditions...

Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Our office provides Solfeggio light therapy to reduce stress and balance the body. Client data indicates that 20 minutes of light therapy is as...

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Cristine Price, CMHC

Mental Health Supervisor

Cristine supervises all clinicians in her office and is listed with most insurance agencies. Her expertise guides the practice as a whole as she supports the therapeutic process. one session at a time. She is available to clients as well as therapists by email, phone or in person as needed. You can contact her at:

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Cristine please fill out the Start Now questionnaire. You can learn more about her unique background and skillset at



Through kinesiology with Cristine we found that I needed a certain nutritional supplement and for the first time in my life I was able to go off of anti-depressants. Her book 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry  gave me the tools I needed to become aware of my thought patterns and develop affirmations that have honestly changed my life!

Heather L.Cache Valley, UT

The biofeedback session with Bonnie was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. The machine seemed to do all of the work. I still don't understand it, but I can say that I did feel something and for an entire weekend I was calmer. It was surprising when I didn't react to my regular triggers. Whatever is happening it is worth it.

MandySmithfield, UT

Cristine's book on Emotional Wellness gave me the ability to honestly look at my spectrum of emotions. As I replaced negative feelings with positive ones my depression changed! Since working with Cristine I've been able to maintain a positive outlook using these tools despite very challenging and triggering experiences.

Jennifer S. Gilbert, AZ

In my first session with my counselor at HH&W I had a breakthrough about the root of my emotional struggles with my family of origin. This was after having had years of counseling with other therapists. The awareness was such an eye-opener and it supported the rest of the therapy process. I am so grateful."

BriannaLogan, UT

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